Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a spirit out of the house?

There are several ways which can be tried.

  1. Traditional cleansing methods.
  2. Convincing or helping a spirit to move on.
  3. Actual removal

We prefer more traditional methods and helping the spirit to leave before actually removing the spirit.

Do you do exorcisms?

We do but we count this as a last resort option as frequently issues which appear to manifest can merely be psychological in nature rather than spiritual or religious. An exorcism also requires after care and a strong and serious committment for a lifestyle change.

How long does it take to get rid of spirits in the house?

However long it takes. This can depend on a number of factors including type, strength, or number of spirits

How many team members are in your organization?

We currently have six members in our team and we each bring our own special skills and methods to the group.

How do you cleanse a house?

Cleansing is different from helping a spirit move on or removing an entity. Cleansing traditionally involves purifying materials depending on what is needed. While many times the tools and methods used could be considered by many to be standard, it can involve other alternate techniques and tools. It is really determined by the situation.

Do you travel?

We do but longer distances may require some kind of travel expenses depending. Contact us for more information.

Where are you located/based?

We primarily work in the Greensboro and Winston Salem areas but we’re expanding our coverage.

How much do you charge for a cleansing?

This is dependent on what is required to clear an area and what we have to deal with. Generally speaking, the more difficult the case, the more we charge. Typically, our fees for a cleansing or removal range from $200 to $500. This price is negotiable and will work with you as needed or as necessity dictates.

I need help but I can't afford your prices. Can we work something out/do you do reduced pricing?

Again, we price as needs dictate and there are some instances where we feel charging is appropriate and some instances where we do not. Contact us with your details.

How much do you charge for an investigation?

For a normal investigation, we charge $100 plus travel expenses and material cost (if any).

Can we have access to any footage or photos you capture?

Absolutely. But we retain rights to publish, print, or use any footage or photos we take. If you do not want these images, etc. published anywhere, we'll need to make arrangements for that specifically.

Do you guarantee results?

Absolutely. If there is still a problem after we complete our work, we will come back and continue to work with you until you’re satisfied. We do recommend what we call “after care” due to continuing expectations or trauma which could act as a conduit for a return of the entity or entities.

Do you specialize in demons?

Yes, yes we do.

Do work with Christian based methods?

We have several team members versed in various approaches, religions, and faiths. If we do not feel matched up with the necessary background, we will certainly let you know and either attempt another route or attempt to find someone who fits more with your requirements or expectations.