If you have anything which seems a little odd or off for you, the purpose of an investigation would include anything we might be able to capture on camera or using our other tools. Sometimes we can get information about the entity involved and possibly figure out why they’re there.

How does an investigation work?

A fast and loose description would include cameras, EM readers, and various other pieces of equipment to see if anything appears unusual. Initially, we interview people on the premises or familiar with any events which lead them to believe that there might be a presence. We want to get a feel for the people as well as the place to determine if we’re dealing with something more psychological or spiritual.


A cleansing is one of the simplest things you can do to attempt to clear an area of activity. Depending on the level and type of activity, this could be a simple matter or it could require some time and effort both from our team as well as you.


We nearly always recommend that the people we assist find some sort of assistance from someone versed in therapy or psychology in order to solidify positive lifestyle, spiritual, and mental changes to prevent any repeat activities which might require even more assistance. Lifestyles which are not appropriate or healthy can, in some cases, act as a sort of beacon, attracting entities.